Making Fully Developing Disciples of Jesus Christ

The mission of Maranatha is to help you to be a fully-developing disciple of Jesus Christ, 

who passionately pursues Christ, 

who desires personal life change, 

who serves others effectively, 

and who seeks to reach those who need Christ.

Sunday Worship at 11:00

The popular spiritual philosophy is that all religious belief systems, if they are heart-felt, are equal.  

Pick one and follow it sincerely, and you’ll get to Heaven.  

That’s what many people believe, but Jesus taught otherwise. 

It is vitally important that we know who Jesus is.  

Come this Sunday to be reacquainted with Jesus Christ our Savior and our God.   


You can expect friendly and authentic people, engaging music and worship, compelling preaching from the Bible, and an opportunity to encounter God. You will be encouraged and challenged.


Come asking God to help you.
Come to learn about Jesus.
Most come in casual nice clothes,
others come in coat and tie.
You can make new friends right away,
or remain anonymous for a while
if you prefer. 

As we worship the Lord Jesus together and accept his love and grace,
he works his blessing in our lives.